"Virtually every aspect of human behaviour is now judged by how much carbon it produces. If you have a baby, that’s 10 tonnes of carbon every year for the next 80-odd years. If you fly to Australia on holiday, that’s another five tonnes of carbon. If you eat a steak, you are supposed to think about how much forest area was cleared to allow the cow to graze, how much methane the cow expelled while it was alive, how many ‘food miles’ it took to get the steak to your plate, and – bam! – it all adds up to another four tonnes of carbon."
(Brendan O'Neill, Spiked, 2010)

It is this huge contrast between our banal everyday activities and the associated dire consequences it shall have on the climate that leaves us puzzled, unbelieving, uncertain.

How are we to respond to a new idea of man which sees human activity mainly from an environmentalist's point of view? How are we to react to the collective offence that climate change (with all its negative impacts) is man made?

I devised several fictitious documents from potential futures that ask these questions and hint to the often complicated psychological dimensions when dealing with climate change. I also held a similarly spirited design workshop with students from the University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam, dealing with possible 'Energy Futures'. Check out the results here!

Thanks to: Reto Wettach, Jonathan Cohen

Novo Argumente


provocation, scenarios
A4 documents


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Everyday activities that have a negative impact on your carbon footprint
↑ Installation view

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A big carbon footprint results in increased climate change
↓ The Climate Change Clinic opened its doors in the middle of the 21. century when more and more people became affected by excessive demands when trying to live zero carbon lives
Therapy Ad
↓ More and more public institutions started to ask for a Certificate of Veganism in order to be employed. A whole semi-legal industry dealing with manipulating blood levels and attaining the certificate emerged.
Vegan Certificate
↓ Around 2030 an anonymous group called 'The Radical Nihilists' emerged. The effects of their activities on climate change remain disputed among experts.
Radical Nihilist's Manifesto