The 'Pataphysical Gut Feeling Validation consists of a series of tests that will allow an assessment of the liability of a gut feeling. It is meant to be used for fairly important decisions that are afflicting the test subject. People that are having difficulties interpreting their gut feeling may find this validation helpful in decision-making.

How can you convince people (if only yourself) when the only thing you have is a certain gut feeling? Would you trust your gut feeling more if you could scientifically validate it?

Photographs: Ann-Kristina Simon
Thanks to: Oliver Goodhall


instructional films


↑ Test 3: Abdominal wall elasticity test using a force meter and a plunger


↑ Instructional films 1, 2 and 3
Test 1: Gut inflammation test using 250 ml still water (to be drunk on empty stomach) and a microphone attached to belly

gut feeling
↑ Test 2: Electromagnetic interference test using iron filings and electric wire wound around belly