Binary Bridge is a place-specific interactive light installation I conceived and realized together with three fellow students from the Interaction Design Master's Program at the School of Arts & Communication at Malmö University. The installation was opened on March 15 2007 in Malmö and ran for one month. Help and sponsoring was given not only by the school but also by the Municipality of Malmö and the Malmö Citiytunneln consortium.

Twelve motion sensors react when people are crossing the bridge which connects the city's central station with the university. Each sensor represents a digit number, signalling '1' when somebody is passing by and '0' otherwise. The resulting twelve digits number from all the sensors is then mapped to a (RGB-)colour. The bridge is illuminated with this colour from underneath. As people cross the bridge the binary number and thereby the colour constantly changes. All people's movements affect the colour ranging from no light when nobody is on the bridge to bright white light when the bridge is crowded.

For more thorough information visit our project website.

Group Members: Mey Lean Kronemann, Neda Hajmomeni, Freddie Eksteen


reactive light installation
six 1000W lights, microcontroller (Arduino board), motion sensors


safe cuddling

↑ People passing the bridge, playing the bridge and affecting the illumination