Do you know what you are doing while sleeping?

Do you sometimes speak aloud? Talk about some morbid or violent sex fantasies? Do you touch yourself? Do you look seductive? Do you...? If you could choose your appearance during sleep: What positions, what appearances, what actions would be desirable for you? How would you want to exhibit yourself?

Now, I conducted an experiment where I tried to look stunning all night! I chose several positions that made me look strong and self-confident (or so I like to believe). With a webcam tracking my position a computer played a sound whenever I moved too much from the previously defined positions, essentially waking me up.

How far are we prepared to go in trying to influence how others perceive us? To what extent do we want to use technology to control our appeal?


webcam, Processing software


safe cuddling

↑ Trying to fall asleep whilst maintaining the previously defined positions

↑ The software draws red rectangles around the tracked hands. Those rectangles are supposed to be near the blue circles.
↑ Webcam view, excerpt. After setting up the system, the user may sleep beautifully.