My Marvellous Impression Management Impotence is an interactive, agent-based sound installation with twenty-four speakers and eight microphones and was realised as part of my Bachelor thesis at the University of the Arts, Bremen, supervised by Prof. Lischka and Prof. Schwoon.

People could speak (shout, sing, etc.) into one of the microphones, hanging from the ceiling. This sound would be recorded and given certain attributes that defined where and how the sound would now be played in the speaker's grid. A 'sound agent' would be created that would move independently in the grid (its 'ecosystem'). Two sound agents would create a new one ('produce an offspring') when meeting in the same speaker and each agent would age (altering the playback of the sound) and eventually die.


interactive, agent-based sound installation
24 speakers, 8 microphones, Max/MSP Software, JavaScript


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