*NEWS*: Since January 2012 I am co-director of Berlin-based design practice BOLD FUTURES.

I am an interaction designer. In summer 2010 I graduated from the Royal College of Art, London, with an MA in Design Interactions and I hold a BA in Digital Media Design from the University of the Arts, Bremen. This is my portfolio and I hope you enjoy browsing through selected works!

Comments or questions? Jobs or collaborations? Please do get in touch!
mail@hfischer.info / +49 151 58187344
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I am aiming for design that recalls the finiteness and limitation of our (human) condition while not submitting to tragedy but rather to humorous acknowledgment. Design that recognises (and celebrates!) the absurd and comic inherent in our existence, with all its unstableness, uncertainties, ambiguities. This recognition not only gives consolation but also the combative strength to resist any temptations to withdraw or escape from the world by enabling us to accept and embrace this life. I want to call this practice satirical interaction design.

Prix Ars Electronica 2011: Honorary Mention Interactive Art
Offenes Kulturhaus Oberösterreich, Linz: Cyberarts, Sep 1 - Sep 7 2011
Output Award 2011: "Selected" (2x)
Royal College of Art SHOW TWO, London, June 25 - July 4 2010
Weserburg, Bremen: 10 Years of Digital Media Bremen, July 3 - July 11 2010
A Foundation Gallery, London: If You Could Collaborate, January 15 - January 23 2010
RCA Interim Show, London: Boom! February 2009